Bongo's Two One-Shot Wonders in One is a limited-edition one-shot comic book that will go one sale at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. It combines two titles from the Simsons One-Shot Wonders line: The Malevolent Mr. Burns andProfessor Frink's Fantastic Science Fictions.


What’s the only thing that can make Bongo’s One-Shot Wonders even better? That’s right! Two One-Shot Wonders in One! This exclusive comic collects The Malevolent Mr. Burns #1 and Professor Frink’s Fantastic Science Fictions #1! Plus, we’ll throw in the Fruit Bat Man mask and the Frink-o-matic 3D glasses! Get the exclusive edition at the Bongo Booth (#2519)before it’s too late!

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